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Friday, June 29, 2007

Spice Rack

By now we are all aware the Spice Girls are re-forming in order to earn a few squillion pounds and attempt to re-ignite their fading flames of celebrity.

Can it really be 9 years since Geri's infamous departure? Or 7 since their deplorable last album as a foursome?

Few images better convey the sheer passage of time than this one.

"Hello, this escalator is symbolic of our bank balance"

The no-longer-all-that-young lasses gathered side by side for the first time in what feels like Forever reinforce just how foreign the zeitgeist of their former alter egos now seems.

This is partly due to the fact they each appear to have adopted new aliases.

Scary thinks she's Shaznay Lewis (oh the irony)
Sporty thinks she's Emma Peel from The Avengers
Ginger thinks she's Di Smith from A Country Practice
Baby thinks she's Kate Bosworth
Posh thinks she's a flotation device

Seriously, what is going on with Victoria's rack? She has, after all, just moved to California with hubby, so it is possible that that's not really Posh in that photo and in fact the other four have just been snapped visiting Madame Tussaud's. The alternative is that Posh is showing off the new life-size Victoria Beckham figurine by Mattel.

Whatever the case, it will be good for pop music to have some actual output from its most famous poster girls, instead of just sub-standard solo albums, famous fucks and subsequent offspring.

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