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Friday, November 17, 2006

Mauboy Junkies

You've gotta love pointless, unwarranted, unprompted and biased speculative journalism on pop culture from a regional newspaper.

The NT News, thirsting for its first babe since Azaria and having embraced Jessica Mauboy to the fullest extent, is now making ludicrous non-sequiturs about past series:

"Mauboy, 17, is a part-Aboriginal year 11 student from Darwin who has blossomed from the shy teen we saw at auditions.

"And Leith, 30, has recently come from Ireland to raise his family with his Australian wife.

"The two would have both won last year's competition."


Perhaps they're working from the De Rouge/Logan Twin Honorary Manual On Undeserved Victories.

Anyway, whatever. 19 10 10 Jess.

No, wait.

19 10 10 Vesna.


  • At 3:10 PM, November 17, 2006, Blogger said…

    Imagine Vesna singing? It'd be the most amazing thing to happen in this country since Young Divas doing "Woman In Love".

    We may very well get to see her DANCE next year though, she tells me Dancing With the Stars 2007 with Vesna as a dancing star may not be too distant a reality!

  • At 4:55 PM, November 18, 2006, Blogger comicstriphero said…

    "19 10 10 Vesna"

    Oh dear god, YES.


  • At 4:09 AM, November 20, 2006, Blogger weasel said…

    Jess was terrible tonight, and any album she releases will flop. I'm going for Damien now, since his version of the pathetic single almost kept me awake.

    Full thoughts at:

    Ps. The YDs version of 'Woman In Love' is actually quite good!

  • At 9:01 AM, November 20, 2006, Blogger Scott said…

    Nice article Weasel - although I have to correct you, Damien was never in the Bottom 3 and Jess was there only once.

    I also preferred Jess last night, particularly as far as the single is concerned.

  • At 10:20 AM, November 20, 2006, Blogger weasel said…

    Damien was bottom three when it got to the final five, actually, because Chris and Jess had gotten touchdowns.

    Jess I thought was in the bottom three twice, but that I could be wrong about. Regardless, I would say Damien had a clearer run as he avoided the bottom three until there were only 5 left.

    I find it hard to imagine how Jess' version of the final song could be preferred by any reasonable person... we were all pretty much Jess inclined in my house, but the tedious arrangement of her version of the winner's single left us with no choice but to jump on team Damien (well, none of us plan to vote because we don't care that much, so I guess we're on team who-gives-a-shit).

  • At 10:22 AM, November 20, 2006, Blogger weasel said…

    I point you to which confirms that Damien was botom three in the last five, and Jess was bttom three some weeks earlier... and bottom two last week, if such a thing really exists.

  • At 11:10 AM, November 20, 2006, Blogger Scott said…

    I think that's pure supposition on the part of the constantly reliable Wikipedia contributors - when there's only 5 left and onwards, they only do a Bottom 2.

  • At 3:46 PM, November 20, 2006, Anonymous Idol Geek said…

    I have kept a record of the bottom 3 over the past 10 weeks, the first person being the one who got booted, the second being the one clutching at straws and the last the first to go back to the couch:

    1 Joseph, Reigan & Lavina
    2 Reigan, Mutto & Ricky
    3 Klancie, Lavina & Dean
    4 Mutto, Lisa & Jessica
    5 Lavina, Ricky & Chris
    6 Bobby, Lisa & Ricky
    7 Lisa, Dean & Ricky
    8 Ricky, Dean & Damien
    9 Chris & Dean
    10 Dean, Jess & Damien

    This is accurate and is the basis of a tipping competition (trust me, money is riding on this!).

    As you can see Jess and Damo have had one stint in the bottom 3 each, albeit Damo's was when Mr Porkchop received the touchdown.

    Interestingly Dean's goodbye was an Idol first --- getting booted after getting a touchdown from M-oulden.

    Go Damien!

  • At 5:47 PM, November 20, 2006, Blogger DJKL said…

    That Vesna, she really does have a rack that just won't quit.

    Now can anyone accurately recreate exactly what she said in the incident that Mrs D and I refer to as "Not Shutting Up Nothing"? It was along the lines of her screaming "Not shutting up not shutting up nothing" but was obviously more brilliant and more hilariously deranged. I have been searching YouTube since before it was invented, but obviously the world forgot to tape that episode of BB for me. Anyone? Bueller?

  • At 7:03 PM, November 20, 2006, Blogger weasel said…

    Hmm, Scott honey, I think this may turn out a bit like the semi-final touchdown debate. My memory is quit distinctly of Damien being bottom three of five, and both wiki and idol geek seem to agree with me.

    But enough of such semantics. Enquiring minds want to know what you have to say about last night in more detail. That we could disagree so much has left me angst ridden... what do you have to say in support of Jess?

  • At 8:12 PM, November 20, 2006, Blogger Scott said…

    I will concede defeat! Weasel, I snivel before your rodent self in shame.

    However, Idol Geek, Dean was not the first to receive a touchdown and then be booted - Courtney received one in the Top 3 before his ouster in 2004. (They all did that night, bizarrely.)

    I have no idea about the Vesna snippet, Djkl. Clearly her finest moment was declaring her snatch to be in danger.

  • At 10:50 PM, November 20, 2006, Blogger weasel said…

    Less snivelling, more explanation of your Jessica position! Please?

  • At 3:34 PM, November 21, 2006, Blogger DJKL said…

    Classic Vesna action!

    Last night I watched Sunday Idol that I taped on my fancy new HDD recorder... and thank the baby jesus that I didn't have to watch it in real time because that was THE. WORST. EPISODE. EVER. Why do they persist with this idea of the non-descript, unmemorable soppy ballad single? I mean last year's was awful but at least it had one tiny hook in the pre-chorus. Did this song even have a chorus?? Surely they should have a few song-candidates and then choose an appropriate single for the final two according to what will actually sell? I hated every last second of that show, and I watched 95% in super-fast-forward. Not happy, Jan.


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