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Thursday, November 16, 2006


So it looks like my time on the Dean train was short lived.

As I watched the final 3 await their classily delivered, not-at-all commercially milked verdict on Monday night, my latent Jessmania kicked into overdrive.

"We are experiencing some difficulty relating to that"

Now I mean no offence to Dean - he sports a very fine caboose - but I think I may have fallen victim to a whalloping bout of God earlier this week.

You can hardly blame me - God is everywhere at the moment, it seems.

No, He really is. I went to McCrae down on the peninsula this past weekend and discovered Him "in da house" we rented.

Also skilled in parquetry

However, watching Damien inch closer to recording Grandma's Birthday Present made me realise that Jess needs to be beside him at the finish.

Differently aged but united by a common fetish

I'm giving her one last chance to deliver a vocal smash and truly earn the title. At this point she stands a long way behind Cosima, Paulini, Ricki-Lee, Casey, Emily and Lavina as a vocalist and performer.

But on the basis of "Beautiful" and especially "Walk Away", I'm prepared to do it.

Hopefully, then, she'll delve whole-heartedly into R'n'B, drench herself in bling and release an album entitled "Rhinestone Mauboy".


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