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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Got Milk?

I had tuna mornay for dinner last night and realised how much I miss this woman.

Once the world's pre-eminent breast-pump user, Rebecca De Mornay is now just someone's wife, which is a bit shit.

Her super-stardom was short-lived, and is pretty much summed up like this:

Apart from its Kate Langbroek-like impact on social perceptions of breastfeeding, the film is particularly memorable because:

- it was an excellent publicity vehicle for asthma awareness
- it featured one of the most chilling villainess performances ever
- it featured a before-she-was-famous pop-up from Julianne Moore (and her curiously oversized head)

Sure, Julianne Moore is one of the greatest living actresses, but if she can pump out dross like Evolution and current stinker Trust The Man without damaging her box office nous, Tuna De Mornay deserves a piece of the pie as well. Perhaps we can will her into a comeback, the same way The Bride wills her big toe out of paralysis in Kill Bill.

Oh, can you just imagine Tuna playing The Bride? That's a role she would have creamed, back in the day.

Poor Tuna. :-(


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