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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


While Cup weekend is traditionally about horses, their thunder was almost stolen this year by a pig.

Yes, Chris Murphy had his Idol swinesong on Monday, in a brilliant result for anti-cholesterol campaigners and record company marketeers alike.

Despite having only four competitors left, the show still doggedly stuck to its one-hour format, forcing the four to truly sweat it out. This obviously had the worst impact on Chris:

"He's always been larger-than-life," said his mum, "I'm sow proud of him"

I was away for the weekend, but in an amazing alignment of the planets still managed to watch the show!

For what it's worth, I thought Damian's rendition of "Crying" was perhaps this season's only true touchdown. The second one was nowhere near deserving.

However, Anthony Callea's impeccable voice during the results show callea-ly demonstrated the extent to which this season's finalists are inferior to past seasons'. Although I noted that he has apparently now trained his stumpy little dwarf's fingers to stop tapping the microphone, which will do wonders for his career.

Anthony singing his radical new small person's single, not at all similar to "The Prayer"

Anyway, more on Idol later in the week.

As for the Cup, it's such a shame that my tip for the win, Hilary's Wank, didn't race. It turns out the poor bitch was scratched due to injury.

And it's such a shame after all that training:

I wonder what she did with her time off?

Chris Murphy just out of shot


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