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Monday, November 13, 2006

Cooking With Marcia & Dean

It's time for a Monday morning brain teaser to get the juices flowing.


A. God
B. Belinda Emmett's best sister-girlfriend
C. The best sister-girlfriend of every other known musician
D. A singer with a well-developed point of view
E. A casserole
F. The most consistently entertaining thing on Idol
G. Marcia Hines
H. All of the above

Yes! The correct answer is, of course, H - but that was easy since we've broached this issue before.

From a blogger's point of view, Marcia is pure gold. She won extra points last night for leaping halfway out of her chair when Kyle labelled Mark a "black devil", nearly failing to suppress her own knee-jerk response to that term.

It's appropriate that Damien was also on stage at the time.

Speaking of Damien, last night delivered another two lame, undeserved touchdowns that served to underscore the extent to which this show is no longer about the singers.

However, I do believe in this franchise. For this reason I am siding with Mark (who offered his pick on Nova this morning) in hoping for a Dean Geyer victory.

"S2BC in non-female selection shock!"
Yes, I know I've traditionally backed the chicks on this show - Bek, Paulini, Chanel, Casey, Emily, Anne and Lavina were all at one stage or another my outright favourite.

But Dean must win because:

1. Damien is a boring nerd who sings Kerri-Anne Kennerley songs.
2. Jessica has failed to deliver anything truly arresting vocally like she should have by this point and, to boot, has Casey-like conversation skills.
3. Dean sings an accessible, saleable genre ("It's pronounced john-drah" - The Marcia God) and is a pop marketer's dream with a fanbase guaranteed to translate into album sales.

And that's all it really boils down to. So he doesn't sing well, from a singer's point of view or anyone else's. He looks a million bucks and this show is in desperate need of a hit album after Casey's and De Rouge's respective voting frenzies were not replicated in record stores.

19 10 10 Dean.


  • At 11:15 AM, November 13, 2006, Blogger Woodsman said…

    The 2 stars of last night's show were clearly the chicks who made the signs:

    "God made coke, God made pepsi, God made Dean, so damn sexy" and "I dream of Deanie".

    A highly commended also goes to "Go tic tac teeth".

    I will not vote for Dean who became even more physically repulsive to me by sporting rosary beads and a v necked t-shirt. YICK.

    19 10 10 Kerry-Anne and Rhonda.

    PS is it impure of me to think David Campbell is suddenly looking a bit alright?

  • At 12:23 PM, November 13, 2006, Blogger weasel said…

    I was starting to think I might be in love with you, but no man who would encourage a vote for Dean Geyer can possibly be my kindred spirit.

    I stand by my chose of 'no candidate' (or voting for Casey again, as a friend wisely suggested), but Dean is the greater of the three evils on offer.

    For shame!

  • At 12:48 PM, November 13, 2006, Blogger DJKL said…

    Scott, I have to respectfully disagree regarding Dean. He is really quite disturbing. I reckon he will go tonight and Damien will win. I find Damien's voice is compelling, even if you think he's boring, and he would never sing a Nickelback song, whihc has to be a good thing. I enjoy watching Jess sing, but whenever they show the end-of-show highlights I am convinced that she is singing off-pitch. But if her voice is this strong now, she will be insane when she gets into her twenties. The other good sign we saw was "Dean U owe us $ - Voting is Expensive". I reckon that must have been Kyle's teenage cousins.

  • At 1:25 PM, November 13, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well it is certain that Dean is destined to attain Z-list fame in a regional Christian rock band and will probably be best known for his heartfelt rendition of Rock Your Soul In The Bosom Of Abraham.

    I suspect he may go tonight.

    Spud will probably return to potato farming with his mammy in Ireland, leaving Jess giggling vacantly, clutching the AI crown.

    On another note, I was surprised to see that Marcia was not partaking in Mo-vember.

  • At 3:20 PM, November 13, 2006, Blogger Scott said…

    Weasel - I was hoping you would be the bed of rice onto which I would one day pour my finely casseroled self. I guess it isn't to be.

    I guess I should've mentioned that I don't actually like Dean and would never buy his music. I'm just thinking about the future of Idol - Idol needs a commercial success, even if artistically and technically he is shite.

    I would love Jess to win. I love me some vulnerable female sister-girlfriend action. But you can't promise me Jess won't become Casey Version 2.0. And right now I don't think she even really sings as well as Kate De Rouge (Djkl - I'm with you on the pitch issue.)

    Perhaps I'm subconsciously buffering myself so as not to tragically endure another Sara-Marie/Vesna/Emily Williams-style defeat.

  • At 6:00 PM, November 13, 2006, Blogger weasel said…

    Hmmm, your rationalisations aren;t working for me Scott. I just don;t think the Idol franchise is worth saving if it is going to give us winners like Dean.

    Why have I got Tiffany's 'Could've Been' going through my head?

  • At 9:19 PM, November 13, 2006, Anonymous Brandy Schnappes said…

    HA! Eat your words sucker!!! It's Jessica "Thongs" Mauboy and Damian Tick Tack Teeth is in the finals....

    p.s. love your bog spot... you have me peeing in my pants... I think I have to change my pants now... oh and Mark says hello... lets do dinner and board games again soon!

  • At 9:43 AM, November 14, 2006, Blogger Scott said…

    Carrie Underwood did a brilliant rendition of "Coulda Been" during the early rounds of American Idol 4.

    Perhaps you have Tiffany on the brain due to Girls Aloud's upcoming single.

    I have to say that once Damien was voted through, I was all about Jess. However, SHE NEEDS TO RETURN TO HER MANDY MOORE HAIR IMMEDIATELY.

  • At 7:31 PM, November 14, 2006, Blogger weasel said…

    Actually, I only read about that cover just after I posted here. Am I psychic or what>?

  • At 8:08 PM, November 14, 2006, Blogger DJKL said…

    Classic reaction to the crucifixion of Dean:
    cryin' over you

    There really is a God!

  • At 8:52 PM, November 14, 2006, Blogger Scott said…

    God is everywhere, it seems.

    Weasel, please provide your views on Carrie Underwood.

  • At 9:26 PM, November 14, 2006, Blogger weasel said…

    Pro-Carrie, although I didn't really watch that season of American Idol. I wish they would release 'Some Hearts' as a single and promote her here, but she's gotta move past the Jesus songs...

  • At 10:56 PM, November 14, 2006, Blogger Scott said…

    Her version of "Alone" is among the best ever Idol performances from any country.

    I should really get around to doing my Top 10 Aust Idol list.


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