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Monday, December 04, 2006

My Favourite Comedian

So last night the ABC continued its entertaining audit of Australian tastes with the hilarious telecast of My Favourite Album.

As with previous instalments My Favourite Film and My Favourite Book, the show was a triumph thanks to the contribution of Australia's greatest comic talent, Judith Lucy.

Jude understands comic timing down to the nanosecond and possesses perhaps the most imitated delivery on the circuit. Hamish Blake and serially unfunny Terry Psiakis are two of the most faithful adherents to the Lucy Intonation. Her comments last night won't have Rolling Stone or even Herald Sun's Hit magazine beating her door down but she was consistently both clever and entertaining.

Now speaking of serially unfunny: this man's contribution last night was the comic equivalent of fingernails down a blackboard.

Fingernails, down a blackboard, while chewing tin foil. Inexplicably popular.

But the night was obviously about Myf Warhurst's unexpectedly prominent funbags the Top 10 albums that "we" allegedly selected. This is how the Top 10 went down:

Such a poll will always be divisive, but Meat Loaf and Jeff Buckley were genuinely surprise entrants.

However, it was only when the full Top 100 was displayed alongside the credits that it became clear the poll was actually one enormous comedy segment. To wit:

Our favourite dwarf. Now that's comedy!

Actually, it wouldn't surprise me if Chas and the Chaser crew were responsible for attempting a "hilarious" coup. (That would have been genuinely entertaining, cf. Chas' actual participation.)


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