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Friday, September 30, 2005

Scotts Pet Peeve's [sic]

Earlier this week, the world was exhibiting a phenomenal understanding of its own direction, a profound clarity vis-à-vis the correct balance of all things.

Obviously I'm referring to the ultimate Bottom Two.

Whoops - not that kind of Bottom Two!

I mean the Best & Most Accurate Bottom Two in the History of All Idol Shows Ever Anywhere (excluding Belarus):

Idol 2005: Decidedly Anti-Mediterranean

However, the world is, in fact, not right. NOT AT ALL.

Exhibit A (S2BC will NEVER tire of reminding Earth residents of this atrocity)

Seriously, dudes. I am currently suffering buttloads of anguish about an important matter relating to the world's ability to preserve order/keep anarchy "in abeyance".


Yes. And specifically, "What The Fuck Is With Channel Ten And Apostrophes And Why Is The Person Responsible For Affixing Words On The Screen At That Station Not Camped Out The Front Of Fucking Centrelink Instead Of Receiving Wages."

There must be decades of unrest/illiteracy in that place!

For example, in 2004, Australian Idol had consecutive episodes called "Idols Choice" [sic] and "Beatle's Special" [sic].

In 2005, Australian Idol is having an episode called "Contestant's Choice" [sic].

I watched Inside Idol last night and despite special concentration I couldn't work out which one lucky contestant had been gifted with choice to the exclusion of all others.

Perhaps they were referring to Roxane Lebrasse, who is apparently choosing to be voted off the show by attempting to sing Xtina Aguilera.

"It's About Time for My Arrival (at the STD Clinic)"

Whatever the case, there's nothing [sick] about any of this, quite frankly.

My faith in humanity is utterly beyond salvation right now*.

(*Subject to the performance of Stephenie on Survivor: Guatemala.)

One of Earth's finest residents (and two of its finest eyebrows)


  • At 9:09 PM, September 30, 2005, Blogger Dawei said…

    Oh, Roxane. I try to like you. I like your crazy, yet not too crazy voice. I like your range. But why do you make me cringe so much? Xtina? Seriously? Girl, what's with that? Are you trying to get voted off? Because mission accomplished. Sigh.

  • At 11:21 AM, October 01, 2005, Blogger The Student said…

    Steph is a spunk bag.


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