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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Motherhood Statements

I was delighted to finally stumble across Natasha Bedingfield's deliriously bonkers new single on the radio yesterday.

It's called "I Wanna Have Your Babies", a bold statement which involves Natasha wanting to have her insides amply and regularly lathered in man-juice for the specific purpose of conceiving and then bearing at least two offspring. It's absolutely ridiculous but instantly memorable: "La la la la la; l-la, l-la."

Natasha earned consecutive high chart placings in S2BC's end-of-year charts for 2004 ("These Words") and 2005 ("Unwritten"), so we'll see if this utterly absurd new single has similar staying power. I'm not really sure about the single sleeve though, where the intention is obviously for her to appear relaxed but bitch clearly hasn't slept in days and she seems to be having trouble snapping her head into place.

The whole procreationist theme, too, is a slight departure from the focus of her last album, also called "Unwritten", which was all about not writing things. ("What a horrendous prospect" - Dorothy Parker)

On "These Words" Natasha famously lamented not being able to find a killer hook. The irony being, of course, that the song, and the principal hook, were devastatingly catchy. In fact, the entire first album was a sensation: the repackaged international version, released following her American success, featured no less than 7 brilliant songs (featured below in descending order of brilliance):

These Words
The One That Got Away
Peace Of Me
I'm A Bomb
Size Matters

Please visit iTunes immediately to acquire all of them.

I want to hope that Natasha's new album, to be entitled "N.B.", will be similarly replete with musical gems and find similar international success. Obviously this is going to depend on the album sleeve that she chooses. And she is no stranger to JoJo-like multiplicity: "Unwritten" featured at least 4 different ones.

The first one is clearly the best but the rest are still decent --> encouraging.

So what can we expect from the savvy marketing people at Sony BMG for the follow-up?

Naturally, to promote her all-important sophomore album, Natasha has morphed into a FUCKING MULLIGRUB. Oh dear.

We'll have to wait and see how this one fares. Natasha is obviously counting on a lot of one-eyed supporters.

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