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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Well Luka't That: Kinnearly Identical

I just got back from the Port Fairy Folk Festival, an annual gathering of unemployed people with guitars.

Some of it was extremely enjoyable, such as the quirky Kate Miller-Heidke set, the smoky tones of Liz Stringer and the mind-blowingly good Christine Anu.

Seeing Christine's name written always makes me think of that one isolated time many years ago when Richard Stubbs said something funny: He was hosting the ARIAs and hilariously noted that Christine's career had come a long way since she'd wisely dropped the 's' off the end of her surname.

No-one in the audience laughed, but my sides required surgery. Good times.

Anyway, Christine's haunting voice aside, nothing from the the folk festival was quite as memorable as the 'separated at birth' scenario that I witnessed with mine own eyes.

It happened when I went to see Luka Bloom, that venerable Irish folk icon who is still pumping out fresh tunes with flair and pizzazz (as opposed to pizzas).

As I watched him from the front row, an irresistible sensation of familiarity overcame me. Luka seemed so supremely recognisable to me, and yet I hadn't before that moment even laid eyes on a picture of him.

For a while I assumed it was because his name is Luka, he lives upstairs from me, etc. "Yes, I think you've seen me before," his eyes wagered at me.

By this point Suzanne Vega's wretchedly hypnotic 80s mantra had invaded my brain, but not so wholly as to prevent the eventual dawning of the reason for that curiously familiar sensation: Luka is actually Greg Kinnear!

Is that a bloomin' coincidence or what? There's just no telling what folks you can meet at a festival.

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  • At 9:48 PM, March 13, 2007, Blogger lisa said…

    that's so funny, i looked at the picture of Luka before reading the text and thought, oh i wonder why scott is talking about Greg Kinnear.

    It's uncanny how similar they look.

    I haven't heard that Suzanne Vega song in years, i'm goin to itunes right now to buy it.

  • At 10:53 AM, March 16, 2007, Anonymous Manxzilla said…

    Ah Scotty, and I thought I was the only person living in this wide brown land who found that crack from Stubbsy hysterical. Australian comedy gold (and how often are those three little words conjoined?).


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