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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Idol Matters Of Great Import

1. Following the overwhelming support from S2BC readers for Casey Donovan's unforgettable performance of "Here's Where I Stand" in our Top 20 All-Time Performance countdown, I'm pleased to bring to your attention to a fact I'd overlooked: she is already in the throes of releasing new material.

The following performance is of a song entitled "Help Me", from an upcoming EP of original, self-penned work. It was performed on Channel 7's "The Morning Show" two weeks ago. According to rumour, this particular song is not slotted to be the EP's lead single, but it's nonetheless an exciting sign of things to come. Watch especially for the post-performance interview, in which Casey demonstrates that in her 3 years away from the spotlight she has actually LEARNED TO CONVERSE. Amazing - and how good it is to finally see her singing again.

2. Alarming news reported this morning about a baffling potential romantic tryst between Idol's own Jennifer Connolly and Betty Boo.

It seems that photos have been snapped of Brianna Carpenter and Matt Corby canoodling in a spa at the Idol mansion, despite both of them allegedly having partners. The headline reports "hands getting busy", and suggests the inappropriateness of their actions might harm the competitors' chances.

OH PLEASE. The only one who this harms is Matt, whose reputation in having voluntarily invited self-appointed quirkster Booanna - probably draped in a hideous purple and red bikini - onto his lap for a little sumtin' sumtin' will shock and dismay his young female fans, as well as anyone with an understanding of dermatology. And since the photos apparently only reveal hands around a waist, methinks this is all just a storm in a B cup.

"What are you saying"

I'm saying that the only crime you've both committed, apart from the whole statutory rape thing (which is actually 'in' at the moment) is against hair. Other than that, I hope you enjoyed punching above your weight for a brief time. Or stroking below it, as the case may be.

And anyway, he is a Corby after all. He's hard-wired to stuff things into a bag and cause a scandal.

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