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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Céline Dion: Not Adept At Swallowing

There have been many excellent comedy videos doing the YouTube circuit of late, each employing a clever brand of scripted humour to send half the world into hospital with laughter-induced injuries.

The suite of genius Brenda Dickson parodies, the inspired Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel videos (satirising their imaginary fuck-buddy relationships with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck respectively), and Mariah Carey's ridiculous new cip for her Samantha Fox/Tina Arena mash-up single "Touch My Body" (in which she appears now to own the hacienda from which she so expertly escaped in 1997's literally and figuratively seminal "Honey") are all fine examples of deliberate hilarity.

Yet, however side-splitting, these intelligent, carefully staged comic moments are no match for the less common but doubly impressive brand of unintentional comedy.

To this end, I bring to you below the sheer genius of Céline Dion.

The destitute Canadian songstress donated $US1m to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort in 2005 during a televised interview with Larry King. What was notable about the interview was that Céline, who experiences human emotion more acutely than anyone in history, virtually collapses from sadness during discussions about the devastation in the affected areas.

What could possibly be funny about this, you ask? Certainly, it is now very clear that the government response to the disaster was indeed woefully inadequate, and the level of human suffering was indeed unacceptable.

But Céline's particular phraseology, her endearing ESL English, and the uniqueness of a megastar imploding on camera make this indescribably memorable viewing. Please note that the video below has been innovatively doctored in certain obvious respects by one enthusiastic viewer, but the interview is otherwise entirely genuine.


Since there is, in fact, such a multitude of wonderful moments in this video, I have constructed the following survey. Please participate and select your favourites (you can choose more than one).

To witness the extent to which this video has inspired the world, please also view this mini-gem:


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